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Problem to Solve

We have reused a lot of material over the last 3 years and because we have transitioned out of Code for America - we need a fresh look as this is a new beginning. The problem is we are limited in our current branding and we also have a mix match of decks etc. that is old branding to the latest redesign.

Project Goals

- Release new branding materials

- Apply new branding to website


- Redesigned website

- Color palette extension

- Client materials

- Theme’d presentation deck

- Organization materials

- Updated style guide (if applicable)

- New logo in SVG form to utilize

Project Details







Redesigned website, branding materials, etc.

Project Status and Timeline

Project Status and Timeline

Visit the project links below to learn about what's been done so far, upcoming tasks, and how you might contribute with your time and ability.


Allie Serd

Leadership & Design

About this Project

Our website has gone through a recent redesign and based on that redesign - we need more branding for materials such as merch, presentation decks and possibly another small rebrand of our current website. Our current branding has been very “Chicago” focused as we were Code for Chicago prior and now Code312 - us on the leadership team would like to continue this vibe.

The Team

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